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We love our Golden Oak Families!

Mission Statement

Golden Oak Elementary at Lerdo and Wall adheres to the premise that all children can learn. It is our belief that student success is based upon the collaborative efforts of all segments of the school community including administration, teachers, support staff, and the community at large. Our mission is to foster the mental, physical, social, and emotional growth of all students by promoting excellence through meaningful, standards-based instruction and providing a nurturing school environment that support the development of positive self-image and social consciousness that will lead toward productive, responsible citizenship.

Staff Quick Links

G.O. College Career Corner

‚ÄčEvery Wednesday Golden Oak features a college or career. Our goal is to inspire students to start thinking about their future because now is the time to get on track for a life of success! Here are some colleges to consider.

College Career Corner


To help Golden Oak students realize future college and career goals we focus our efforts and provide resources such as U-Planit to educate and encourage our students in their college endeavors. Each week at Golden Oak is College Career Wednesday.

Golden Oak Tigers
Dream Big
and Work Hard!

Autism Awareness Week at GO

Slide1.jpgAutism Awareness Week at Golden Oak was filled with informative videos, stickers, pencils and our Tigers becoming even more Caring and Considerate as they understood the effects of Autism. Check out the videos below to see what we learned!


Intro to Autism for Kids

I'm Autistic

What's Up with Nick?

Marvelous Max

What is Autism?

My Little Brother Has Autism

"Golden Oak Elementary School - Home Of The Tigers."


Golden Oak Elementary School lies in the western section of the City of Shafter and serves students in grades kindergarten through six. Originally named Richland Primary School, the students at the school participated in choosing the current name, Golden Oak Elementary School. The school operates on a traditional school calendar. Golden Oak Elementary School is committed to providing a strong instructional program for all students to ensure excellence in education.

GRRREAT Memories!!!

Please stop by our new "Golden Oak Memories" page to see the amazing celebrations and events that took place in 2015-16! We're getting our homepage ready for a new school year! Stay tuned for more information and remember tigers READ EVERY DAY!!

Perfect Attendance 2015-16

GO PTO Most Improved Students!!

Upcoming Events at Golden Oak:

Summer Vacation!! | READ Every Day!!


Visit our new Golden Oak "Memories" page!!!

Today: 7/29/16

Our Future!!!

HONOR ROLL 2015-16

GO Parent Volunteers are the BEST!!


GO Band Corner

Lunch at Golden Oak was extra special as the Richland Jazz Band performed for students while they ate. Tigers were spotted clapping their hands and tapping their toes. We were especially proud to see our former Tigers performing in the band!!


Six Pillars Of Character



Be honest * Don't deceive, cheat or steal * Be reliable - do what you say you'll do * Have the courage to do the right thing * Build a good reputation * Be loyal - stand by your family, friends and country


Treat others with respect; follow the Golden Rule * Be tolerant of differences * Use good manners, not bad language * Be considerate of the feelings of others * Don't threaten, hit or hurt anyone * Deal peacefully with anger, insults and disagreements


Do what you are supposed to do * Persevere: keep on trying! * Always do your best * Use self-control * Be self-disciplined * Think before you act - consider the consequences * Be accountable for your choices


Play by the rules * Take turns and share * Be open-minded; listen to others * Don't take advantage of others * Don't blame others carelessly


Be kind * Be compassionate and show you care * Express gratitude * Forgive others * Help people in need


Do your share to make your school and community better * Cooperate * Stay informed; vote * Be a good neighbor * Obey laws and rules * Respect authority * Protect the environment


No Bully Zone



Digital Literacy

Free eBooks and Audio Books!


Access the Golden Oak Elementary Library Media Center and access ebooks and audiobooks from any internet connected device. Search your library OPAC to find out what is available by following these English or Spanish instructions.

If you have questions contact the District Librarian.

Tiger Moments from 2014-2015!